Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Things I Never Thought I'd Say Or Do As A Parent.

1. Let's run through fountains with our clothes on.
2. Cookies for lunch, sure!
3. Feet and hands are meant to get dirty.

4. A dum dum sucker a day can keep the crabbies away!
5. Sure, you can eat your spaghetti with your hands--as long as you eat it.
6.  The 10:00 news is on and you're still awake? Oh well, it's summer!
7. Don't jump on your bed....jump on mommy and daddy's.  It has better bounce and won't break.

8. Only throw little rocks at the garage, not the big ones.
9.  Do you want to play on mommy's phone or daddy's
10.  Let's see how many poopies we can get to plop in the potty!

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