Saturday, August 17, 2013

Everett's Birthday and imperfections in planning.

Today was Everett's early 3rd Birthday party.
Let's just say it did not go as planned---at first.
It started off with being late, exhaustion, tears, frustration and breakdowns.  And that was just me.
Silly us. 
 We decided to plan his party at the largest area park in Minneapolis and expected everyone to have no problem finding us. Ugh.
Time went on (late to our own party!) and we finally shlepped our load to a spot that catered to what we needed.  People arrived shortly after (sadly after having driven around for a good amount of time trying to find us) and then the party was on.  
Though I was still stressed and wanted to hide in the bathroom and cry at the disaster the afternoon started out as, I pulled my preggo hormones together and put on my proverbial big girl pants and accepted the imperfections of the day for Everett's sake. 
 I was the one afterall that told everyone to bring a positive attitude. 
He was none the wiser of our mistakes in planning and was having a blast.
That was the goal afterall.  And I'm glad he had a fun celebration!

Sigh.  Moving on.

Monster truck themed of course!

We've mastered the two---now working on three!

This just looks like a scene out of Titanic. 

Pinata time.  This kid was pumped all week to wack that truck.

Those manly men getting cozy together for the sake of a sparkler.

The loot from our lovely party guests!


In other news, I'm huge.  See proof in picture below.

More preggo updates to come soon! :)

Signing out.
Accepting mistakes.
And going to bed!

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