Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ask Mom: Toddler Diet

As Everett is experimenting with more and more foods, I want to make sure that we are still being mindful of what we are putting in his little body.  I don't want to fill him up on chemical induced processed foods if I don't have to.  With our budget and just time in general, I sometimes find it hard to go the 'all natural' or organic route, but I DO want to make sure he is getting all of the things he needs in his diet that taste good to him.  Obviously I know vegetables and fruits are a must, but what else should I know about?  I want to limit sugars and processed 'mystery' foods.  God knows that I don't watch what goes into my body---I can only imagine the damage I've done!  So, I want to educate myself now so I can start fresh (literally!) with Everett. :)

What are some budget friendly, healthy/natural/organic items and brands we can add into our toddler's diet to ensure his body is getting what it needs?

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  1. Hi Laurali! We are all up in this question, too. I have a friend who is a nutritionist (and way more "crunchy" than me!!), and I am hoping to meet with her soon about Lucy's nutritional needs. She has already directed me to this website-- --with tons of info. It may be a little much for you, but it certainly will give you some ideas. Also, people always talk about going organic (which we haven't yet) on the "dirty dozen," 12 fruits and veggies that are more heavily sprayed. You could google it. I have heard that little ones' bodies just can't handle the toxins as well as ours, and so it is even more important to feed them organic foods. Again, haven't done it myself yet, but I'm thinking....



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