Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ask Mom: Temper Tantrums

First order of business---I pride myself in being a good 'gift giver' so I thought I'd direct you to my new friend Hannah's blog so you can see all the fun treasures I found her!

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And now, for the main reason you clicked to read, another Ask Mom question.  This one is becoming all too familiar to me nowadays and I am struggling!  Everett has started throwing these fall on the floor, flailing arms and legs, screaming fits that last the better part of an hour.  An HOUR!  Tonight he had another one and he was inconsolable.  He didn't care for anything---nothing---nada---zip---zilch----zero!  Being that he is not even one and a half I am struggling with what to do when this happens.  Do I treat him like a seizure victim and just ride it out and hold his head while he flails about on the floor.  I finally just scooped him up and put him in his crib until he settled down. Seriously, you should see this kid.  He'll be walking and then in a split second he crumbles in mid stride and starts rolling around screaming and banging his head.  Um, is this normal!  Thankfully, it has only happened a few times over the past couple months, but I am fearing for the worst!  I definitely see timeouts and toys being taken away in the future, but for a 17 month, what can I do?  I just wish the little guy would use words to let me know what he wants instead of knocking his sweet head around on the floor!

What are the best strategies for dealing with temper tantrums in children under the age of two?


  1. Caleb started his around that same age. I think you are on the right track, let him get it out of his system just making sure he is safe. The more attention you give him, the longer the fit will last and he will get into the habit of using those tantrums to get what he wants. Have you taught him sign language at all? That helps a ton with Caleb because he can, usually, tell me what he needs or wants. It sucks to ignore him but if you let him know he can come to you when he's ready, he will. He's at the age where he is trying to assert himself and wants to be independent and is having new feelings and ideas that get overwhelming. Hang in there and let him get it out....the tantrums will eventually stop or at least become in response to something he clearly doesn't like. Like Caleb's fit over the latch on the fridge. Let him be mad, on his own.

  2. Wow! The boy has a mind of his own!! Reminds me of someone else I know :)

    Mary (Curt's mom)

  3. I think you're handling them well! Drew's been starting to throw little tantrums (11 months old! Already?!?!) when we set him down because he would so rather be upright and "walking". We're doing what you're doing - walking away and letting him get it out. His haven't lasted super long - he'll get distracted by something else fairly quickly - but I'd have the same concerns as you do if they were lasting an hour! Yikes! Gotta love those stubborn first-born children!

    I've also been trying to see his challenging characteristics in a more positive light. So instead of thinking, "Will this child ever stop screaming?!?!" I try to pray, "Lord, help us to guide him in using his strong will to persevere in touch situations and to stand up for what is right." It's helping me realize that he has been given his characteristics by God and it's my job as his parent to help him figure out how to use them positively. (It's also been helpful for me to try to see Justin's challenging characteristics in a positive light!)

    Thanks for these "Ask Mom" posts - they're helpful!



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