Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dinner for Two

I've had this goal of becoming a better stay at home mom.  I'm getting the mom part down (at least I like to think I am), its just the stay at home part of it that I could be a little better at.  I clean and do all the laundry (almost obsessively), but hubby lets me know he doesn't care about that--he wants him some food after a long day of work!

I am a horrible cook.  I cook about once every couple of weeks and it usually ain't anything special.  To me it just seems like so much work and then a few bites and it's over with!  Why bother.

Well, all of that is going to change (at least for a week).  We are trying something out, which I'm sure many normal families do, but to me this is all new!  I am going to start grocery shopping online and order what I need for one weeks worth of meals and then plan out the weeks meals on a "menu" :)  I get excited to write it down and Curt gets excited to anticipate the meal of the day--its a win win!

I created our very own dinner menu display.  It was pretty easy.  All you need is a frame, some cool paper or fabric (I used fabric since I have an abundance) and a white board marker.  And you get something like this:

Sorry about the glares!
So that is our next weeks menu!  Unfortunately, all of the blank days you see are ones that i will be eating on my own since Curtis will be working late.  The rest, however, will be dinner for two!

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