Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A rainy day...or three... in the life

Baby boy is sick.

Since Sunday little E has had a on and off again fever--thanks to the Tylenol.  Poor guy does not want to do anything except lay on my chest and cuddle (Frankly, I'm not complaining---I LOVE this, but I do not love that he is miserable).  

We made it into the urgent care yesterday and after a good three hours or so of waiting, we were sent off with, "It's probably just a cold--keep doing what you are doing".  Awesome.  Well, it gives me peace of mind at least. 

The past three days have consisted of:

-sleepless nights
-lots of crying
-rain, rain, and guess what? rain.
-lots of snuggling
-lots of laundry (he is so snotty and drooly, all of my shirts are drenched from the boobs up!)
-thermometer in one hand, tylenol in the other
-teething tablets
-the constant 'clang clang cling cling' of our wind chimes
-singing lullaby's
-changing the sheets after wetting the bed--twice.  (not me :) )
-baby Einstein
-worrying, then praying, then a little more worrying
-and lounging around in less then presentable attire.  Bath robe one day.  Stained sweats the next.  Today I am fashioning these guys:

Sadly, these running tights have not seen the outdoors yet for their true purpose--running.  Someday.  Until then they will serve their secondary purpose:  treadmill jogs, running errands and well, lounging.
So, the last few days in the Larson home have been a little less than favorable and a step or ten below extravagant, but my babe is getting better and that's about all that matters at this point!

On a high note:

I am making dinner tonight. I know. its a big deal.  but I am making my most favorite sandwich ever.  Panera's chicken salad sandwich (the original), which they no longer make. I have been devastated ever since.  So i finally just looked up the recipe for it and will prepare it tonight and hope to God is tastes the same, cuz that's a dang good sammie!

Also, a little boutique in Becker that is selling some of my items on consignment informed me that someone wanted to special order a bunch of my items. Yay!  So i just prepared all of those and sent them off.  its a good feeling when other people like something you create.  Hoping for more of that to come!

Happy Hump Day.

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