Sunday, September 17, 2017

Greyleigh's 4th birthday: a royal gathering of princesses

This is about what Greyleigh looked like last week on her birthday and supposed birthday party. :(

We rescheduled her party for today and let her rest, but it was sure hard to see our little firecracker so sick and lethargic on her special day---for the second year in a row!

Needless to say, we were beyond happy to celebrate her today with her favorite little friends!  What a great little group of girls she is beginning to surround herself with--and their mom's are pretty great too :)

We went full on princesses this year as she is still heavily gulping the princess Koolaid.  It's not my favorite flavor, but we do what we can for those we love, right?  Let's just say, I won't be devastated when the princess phase is laid to rest.  Although, seeing her all decked out in her princess attire is pretty adorable.  Good think we'll be meeting all of the princesses at Christmas!

Everett even got on board serving as the royal tea waiter.  He was pretty stoked to get all dressed up and serve the ladies their tea--he took it very seriously.  Umm, and the best big brother award goes to...

A good whack of a pinata, some make and take jewels, some cake and presents and now we are done with birthday parties for a year! Phew!

Here's some highlights from Greyleigh's special day.

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