Saturday, May 18, 2013

If we got to talking....

I would probably tell you:

-That I'd love to be a picker someday and travel around searching for treasures.

-I want to write a book.

-I've always wanted to take pictures of cool doors and make a coffee table book out of them.

-Sometimes when I'm uber tired, I'll see how far I can walk with my eyes closed before getting off track.  Yes, you're right--it's weird!

-I can't help but giggle when Everett says, "I farted"

-I love giving gifts.  I like to keep a stash of universal gifts that I can give at any given time.  It's so much fun.

-If my dad had his way, I'd be named Lucy.

-If I worked in any other profession, I'd probably work in the medical field.

-I've definitely been the truth a bit about my due date lately when people ask.  I'm getting huge fast.  So now, I'm due in August, shhh.--which will actually likely be the truth! 

-I've just learned some very important information.  My "adult film star" name would be Emma Marigold and Curt's would be Barney Longfellow.  Oh my.  Still splits my side.

-I used to be a referee. Proof:

How about a totally random picture from exactly 3 years ago...
Looks like I was huge at 24 weeks with Everett too!

I enjoyed talking with you!  Tell me something random about yourself! :)

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