Saturday, April 21, 2012

Public Service Announcement.

Remember that post I did a couple months back about my rice jars experiment and the power of positive talk?  Well, I thought I'd update you a bit.  It is now about 135 days in and this is where we are at:

Can you tell which jar is getting some love and which is not?  Once again, a powerful visual reminder of how strong our words and thoughts can be and the damage they can do!  So, be kind to yourself and others!

That brings me to my next point.  Next week is National Pay-it-Forward week with the 26th as THE day to make sure you pay-it-forward!  I think we all may be familiar with the term--and maybe even the book/movie 'Pay it Forward'.  Perhaps you even practice this method of showing random kindness towards others in your daily life.  Pay it Forward week is a week devoted to getting as many people around the world to do just that!  Of course we should do it all of the time and not just one week, but it is a good reminder of what positive change can happen when everyone is on board and the chain of kindness grows stronger.

Altruistic acts not only make the receiver happy, but also the giver!  When we show our care for others in an unselfish way, it lights up the pleasure center in our brains in the same way its lit up when we enjoy chocolate, music and a'hem....other things.

I am bringing awareness to this day/week to both of the schools I work in and providing staff with some ideas to pay it forward as well as a resource they can use that is provided on the official PIF website.  It is a card that you can give someone when you choose to PIF and to encourage them to do the same and track how many hands it has been in!  You can get them HERE or make your own!  Of course you don't need one to pay it forward!

So will you join me, and the thousands of others that will be paying it forward this week?  You never know the impact you can have on someone until you go out of your way to show some love!

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