Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everett's room

This post is long overdue.  Let's see....about 18.5 months overdue!  I loved putting together and decorating Everett's room when he was in my belly and I was in my 'nesting' phase.  Some things have been added after, but for the most part it has stayed the same.  Here are a few little glimpses into my boys room.

Name on the door.

It's hard to tell with the instagrams---but his room is a baby blue color.  Painted by me.  When I was 8 months pregnant.

Oh, how I miss rocking my little man in that chair.

You can see this on one of the shelves pictured above.  It is a picture of the one and only Babe Ruth as well as his autograph!  The boy to the left is my grandpa at the age he got it---about 7 or 8 maybe.  I feel so blessed that this was passed down to me---I know I don't deserve it, but it is special to me because I can remember staring at it all the time when I was little and it reminds me so much of my grandpa and the 'baseball talk' we used to have when I was a little tom-boy! 

That changing table was built by hand by our dear friend who is so talented!  We absolutely love it!  We may or may not have stuffed my niece (she was willing!) in the bottom drawer while playing hide-and-go-seek...and it may or may not have it has yet to be repaired :)  Oops!

These pictures above the changing table have a pretty cool significance too.  As you can see they are of the moon landing.  What's cool is that these prints are from the actual negatives from that adventure.  My other grandpa new a guy in NASA and got the hook-up!  Can't wait until Everett starts asking questions about these pictures!

And that is pretty much it!  I love how his room turned out and that it has some real cool historical artifacts and family heirlooms if you will.

What does your babe's room look like?

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