Sunday, December 11, 2011

Murphy's law.

It's been pretty busy, but uneventful around these parts---that is until Murphy and his blasted law had to find it's way into what was going to be a pleasant Sunday. But we can get to that later. 

Here are a few snaps from the past few weeks:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful! 

Baby boy helps to decorate the tree by touching all the bulbs and de-ornamenting it.  He'll learn....

King of the living room!

Enter in FIRST haircut!  Emotional for mama, but boy does my little man look handsome!


Baby boy looks good in his Taxi.

Ready for the baby book!

 Such a dapper young man now--look he wants to give you a High-five!  Oh yeah, you're on his good side now!

Now, for our series of unfortunate events....well, I guess it's not that bad, but I definitely wish we could just jump forward a week and skip all the messy stuff we have to take care of.  First, while Curtis was on his way home last night from a friend's birthday get together at a local establishment, he got a flat tire and had to change it in the middle of the highway on ramp at 1:00 in the morning.  So now we are down to one car and sad to see that our wallets will be shrinking with the repairs we will have to make. 
Then while getting little man up this morning and looking at him, I instantly knew---he had yet again another yucky contagious illness (see HERE for our adventure with hand foot and mouth!) This time it was the dreaded pink eye! Ugh!  Poor boy has a pink and swollen eye and just looks pitiful.  So in my heart I am glad it is not a serious illness we have to worry about---just a very inconvenient one.  
So instead of going to church and our family Christmas get together with Curt's extended family, we are calling it a cozy-up, watch football and fart around kind of a day.  And that my friends, is sometimes the best antidote to our illnesses, woes and worries.
So, if you don't mind me, I have a cute boy waiting to be snuggled and a comfy couch that is calling our names!

Hope Murphy's law didn't find you this weekend!

On another note, I'm feeling the DIY itch now that things at work have been slowing down a bit--ahh, who am I kidding, they'll never slow down!  BUT, just wondered if anyone had any good DIY ideas they have tried or think would be cool.  Let me know! :)

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