Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas hangovers and whitey tighties.

Christmas.  Comes but once a year and then BAM! Everything you've been planning for, singing for, eating for and buying for is now halted cold turkey.  Friends and family go back to work, Christmas tunes played loud through the stores turn into the latest hits by so and so, the meal we enjoyed so much gets packed up for leftovers to enjoy for God knows how long and besides the fond memories and 5 lbs. we gained--- we are left with a bad Christmas hangover.

It lingers and toils on our bodies(perhaps in more ways than one! TMI?)---the ache for more Christmas.  The people, sounds, smells, tastes.  Can I just get a little post Christmas day chaser to take the edge off what is going to be a week long Christmas hangover?

I am almost ashamed to admit---but I have found a way that helps me to get over my Christmas buzz.  Its a bit like ripping off a band-aid. But the faster it's done the better.  So here it is.  As soon as Christmas is "over"--in this year's case, as soon as we got home Christmas evening---I put all of our gifts and food away and then....De-Christmas my home by taking down and putting away all of my seasonal decorations.  Gasp! I know,  it's almost wrong, but if I sit and stare at my happy nutcrackers, or delight at the soft glow of my Christmas tree any longer it just makes it worse!  It's like a tease!  So, away they go back to their rubber made bins until next December---or November if I'm lucky enough to convince Curtis :)

So, hangover I have, but I also have lots of fun memories that unlike my Christmas decorations, I will not be purging anytime soon (pun totally intended)

And most importantly, my focus and heart remains on Jesus not only at the time of his birth, but throughout the year as he shows me amazing things and gifts me with more opportunities to eat, drink and be merry!

How is your Christmas hangover this year?

Oh, and the whitey tighties---well, I may have seen a pair this weekend in a totally shocking way---I'm not saying, but I'm sayin!

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  1. Lol so thats what its called, Christmas Hangover :P I hope you had a Good Christmas!
    Happy New Year!



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