Friday, September 2, 2011

Pay it Forward Friday.

So have you PIF'd on anyone this week? :)

The challenge I posted about last week was to leave a encouraging post-it somewhere.

Here's mine!

Phone photo quality is not up to par.
Wanna know where I put it?

The only place people are forced to looked at it for at least 30 seconds :)  That's right, I put it in a bathroom stall.  BUT, this was no ordinary bathroom.  This bathroom was at the MN state fair!  Meaning thousands and thousands of people will see it! I know there is the possibility someone could take it down--but hey, if one person saw it, then I PIF'd!

This week the challenge is to consciously end negative conversations.  Whether it is you (me) who is contributing to the negativity or someone else--when in a conversation and negativity starts to creep in--cut it off and plant a positive seed.  To be honest, I've been a little crabby lately what with not having work and all and so this may be a little hard for me!  I am going to try my hardest to not contribute any negativity.  Ideally, this would be long term, but a week of practice is a good baby step.  Anyone wanna try it with me?  Let me know how it goes for you!

Curtis and I have put the babe to sleep and now have a glass of cheap wine in hand and are ready for a movie!

Happy Friday!

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