Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 Camping Adventure #1: Country Camping-Isanti, MN

We're back at it in the old Nomad--emphasis on the 'old' as it proved to give us some trouble this time, but alas, we ventured on!  Our first trip of the season was just a stones throw away in Isanti at a nice little campground called "Country Camping". It offered a handful of tucked away secluded spots, which of course being an introvert, I snatched one of those up right away!  It was quiet, blissful and a great refresh for the family--we got to stretch our camping muscles and get a taste of summer adventures ahead.  This campsite had a nice playground at the center of the site, which our kids spent a lot of time making new friends at and it also offered a heated pool and splash pad, which were not yet open, but we plan to check it out again later this summer.  Here are some highlights from Country Camping!

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