Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And then I became a soccer mom

Get me a minivan and bumper sticker--I am--a soccer mom.  It's official.

We got the random and last minute opportunity this afternoon to get Everett in a "mini kickers" community league.  I've been really wanting to get him in some kind of organized activity for awhile, so we picked up shin guards, socks and teeny tiny cleats and had ourselves a soccer star.

Ok, can I just say, little 3/4/5 year olds "playing" soccer is one of the most chaotic hilarious things.  You've got the kids that get it, the kids that clearly do not, and those in-betweeners that switch between getting it and totally freaking out.

Everett was an in-betweener.

He did great at first, then he had some meltdowns when he realized he couldn't kick the ball all by himself and that other kids could get it too.  So we have a lot of learning and practice ahead of us.  He IS the youngest on his team though--so considering that fact, I'm not worried.  Heck, I'm so proud of my little soccer star! It was the highlight of my week by far.

I'll be his soccer mama any day!

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