Sunday, December 1, 2013

10 things I'll miss most about maternity leave.

The time is here.  The dread is looming.  Not dread of having to return to work--I love my job!  But dread of having to leave little sweet faces every day and not have some of the luxuries listed below.  The first week will be the hardest I know, but returning to my dream job and a steady schedule WILL be nice...and hello--I still only work 3.5 days AND get summers off!  Can't complain!  Alas, here are some things I'll be missing--besides the obvious--my kids!

10. Being in my pajamas all day if I want.
9.  Up all hours of the night tending to baby?  No problem--I can laze around the next day and fulfill #10. :)
8.  Being able to settle into our new house, unpack, decorate and enjoy it.
7.  Going to stores during the mid day is FAR less busy and hectic than evenings or weekends.
6.  Having mommy meet ups and play dates.
5.  Being able to make more inventory for Paisley Maze.
4.  Having the time to dream up fun and new things for my job this year.
3.  Mastering potty training!--Ha---I wish--almost there.  But having the opportunity to focus on it more has been good.
2.  Clogging up peoples instagram and Facebook feed during the day with annoying, but ridiculously cute pictures of the little people in my life.
1.  Seeing how my son---my baby that made me a mama--interacts, cares for and loves on his baby sister.  Each day he does something to remind me that though he is still my baby boy forever, he is such a big boy and such a helpful and caring big brother.  Greyleigh is a lucky girl!

Life goes on. Reality is setting in.  I feel blessed to have a job I love.  Here's to Monday!


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  1. I will be praying for a peaceful transition. I'm sooo excited to see you tomorrow!! :)



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