Saturday, September 14, 2013

The first few days.

Ahh, the first few days postpartum.  Nothing like them.  They are both great and testing!

A few thoughts that have run through my mind this week:

-Epidurals are great until they wear off.  My back feels like I've had about 100 five pound rocks thrown at me!

-Hormones are cray cray.  One minute I am so happy and high on life, the next I feel sad and weepy.  Ugh.

-Days broken up into three hour increments go like a fast blur---I'm still trying to figure out what day it is!

-Eating? What's that?

-Sleep?  What's that?

-I finally decided to turn off my work email and only check it once per day....ok....maybe twice.

-Am I ever going to have time to make a single camera strap again!?  Poor Paisley Maze.

-The human body is truly amazing.  I mean, I'm still a bit uncomfortable and all and need to pop some ibuprofen now and then, but I had a baby 4 days ago and I'm feeling almost back to normal.  FOUR days people! I'm not running any marathons or anything, but being able to just the the "usual" physical stuff this soon after---God did a good job creating our bodies!

-And the body woes---I have to lose how much weight?!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the pretty gal.


  1. so sweet! I know it crazy how much your body goes through. I remember the day after I had Leah I couldn't even stand up straight because my lower back was killing me from pushing! Thank goodness for the epidural and pain meds :) Your baby girl is a cutie and I love the little sister outfit. I'll be having our 2nd baby girl in December.

  2. Congrats, Laura!!! I'm pretty excited I got my camera strap ordered before this little one burst her way into the world :)
    She's so cute and I'm so glad you add some advice in there for us "pre-moms". So exciting :)



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