Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some belated holiday shots.

So, I've procrastinated a bit on these, but better late than never right?  It's just been hella busy at work with summer around the corner!  Those kids sure know how to give us a run for our money the weeks before summer break, sheesh!  While it will be a bittersweet end to the school year, I am already pumped for what I have planned for the next school year and the fun stuff up my sleeve! Ah, but enough about work---pictures!

What a dude.

Seriously those eyebrows.  A new signature 'Everett look"

This was the funniest thing--these young guys at the picnic table next to us were playing catch and well, Everett decided to join in and kept putting his arms up to catch the ball.  They were none the wiser and he was very offended that the ball never came his way.  Poor guy---one day my little mister....

Judging by this picture, I think grandma Mary may have had more fun than Everett!

Sneaking a peek at carousel.

Everett's favorite spot.

Everett was not too impressed with the giraffe.

Story of my life.  Always trying to get out of my arms to be free and run---what happened to my little baby?

For as enthralled as he was peering through that fence, sadly I don't think anything was on the other side of it.

What a stud. -- the mister of course!
And that was our trip to the zoo on our beautiful Memorial day!  It was such a nice break and gave me a little taste of what is to come around the corner when school is out! Woo hoo!

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